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kapanese tattoo kapanese tattoo kapanese tattoo
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Turning Kapanese

Kapanese Tattoo by Kap Sharpe
Kapanese Tattoo by Kap Sharpe
Kapanese Tattoo by Kap Sharpe
Welcome to the official website of Kap Sharpe, a California born and raised tattoo artist who specializes in Japanese Style tattooing. Kap's first glance at Japanese art came from being introduced to martial arts in his youth. He was always captivated by the sheer power of these images. Being a self taught tattoo artist, Kap found his first few years a struggle, until he served an apprenticeship under Mike (Boda) Cota, in San Luis Obispo's first ever tattoo studio. It was there in 1990 that he learned about Machine maintenance, and sterile application procedure. He spent the next seven years just learning how to put down a good tattoo, and enjoys tattooing any style. But once he felt
he had the basics down he realized he wanted something more. He wanted to specialize in Japanese Tattooing. Kap draws his influences from great traditional and New traditional tattooers like Shige, and Mike Rubendall, but doesn't forget the foundations laid by Ed Hardy and the great Master Horiyoshi III. Kap likes to use strong imagery that enhaces the body's natural contour, to produce a tattoo that is bold, and dynamic. He believes that the tattoo should reflect more than just a picture, and that the image is harmonious not only in one's life, but to one's soul. Kap enjoys the quiet side of life, spending time with family, hiking, fishing, camping, and surfing.
Kapanese Tattoo by Kap Sharpe
Faced with what is right, to leave
it undone shows a lack of courage.


With Kap, you will be treated with respect. Respect is care. Care is devotion. Kap wants you to have a nice experience, whether it is your first tattoo, or you're on your 50th hour of your backpiece. The supplies he uses are the culmination of over 23 years of experience. Only the highest quality materials will be used during the course of your tattoo. Strict sterilization, and cross cantamination processes are followed to ensure your safety.
In searching for a tattoo, most people search by shop, and people who work in the shop. Some search by price. Kap believes that it is easier to posess something, than it is to struggle for it. So if all you want is to "have" a tattoo at a cheap cost, then you must bare the grief of how easily you came upon it!" Kap is currently working at Sink or Swim Tattoo, in Arroyo Grande, California.
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